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Resume Distribution Services

Using a resume distribution service is recommended if you want to greatly increase your chances of finding a job with minimal job board searching and other unnecessary work. The distributors will send your resume out to every company with a job opening that you would be a fit for. All you need to do is create an online profile and submit your resume. Since you are leaving your job search in the hands of the distribution service, you may find your horizons being broadened as you get interview calls from people you wouldn't have thought of applying to yourself. This may be an exciting opportunity for you as you may finally find the job that suits you best and have the chance to try new things. MORE

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Resume Distribution Services Can Work for You

A resume distribution service can be your most valuable tool when searching for a job. This is because the more potential employers your resume is sent to, the more choices you will have when deciding on the job of your dreams. At Employment Authority, not only will your resume be sent out to a wide range of employers within a short amount of time, but you also have the option of getting your resume customized professionally to be as professional and appealing as it can be. The resume writers at Employment Authority will highlight your most important and relevant skills and qualifications while providing a professional layout, helping you get noticed by more potential employers. You are sure to have more success using this service than you would trying to do everything yourself. MORE

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Resume Distribution For Your Job Search

If you're stuck in the rut of job searching, we know how you can get out. The two major things you need to do are preparing a great resume and cover letter, and getting them sent out to as many employers as possible. You can get your resume to be much more effective by defining your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Follow some of our other great resume writing tips, carefully compare and research employment agencies before you choose to work with them, and you can continue your job search with confidence and land the job you want in no time. MORE

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5 Biggest Attorney Job Search Mistakes

With a fluctuating economy, the job search is becoming more difficult and competitive. In order to understand the dos and donts of job searching, there are a few misconceptions you must avoid and important tips you should know. We suggest that you expand your options by making yourself available to more employers, take the time to prepare the application materials you mail, conduct precision marketing based on understanding and experience, dare to make yourself vulnerable to rejection, and realize that most private companies are in business to make money. By understanding these principles you will have a better knowledge of the inner workings of the employment world. MORE

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Employment Authority's Job-Search Approach Opens Doors for Students


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Commercial Banking

In the fast changing world of commercial banking, it is easy to get down when looking for a job in this field. There is no need to despair: there are still plenty of jobs available, especially in mortgage banking. There are also newer innovations that contribute to the industry like the internet, telephone banking, and e-based banks. Here we also bust two common myths people have about commercial banking: that banking is a low hours, high workload position, and that an MBA is crucial to land a good banking job. Both of these statements are false and here we explain why. MORE

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Health Care/Biotechnology

In a booming industry like health care, competition can be fierce. However, there is a large variety of jobs available and most people find that the humanitarian and service aspects of the industry are rewarding. It is an industry that is always evolving, therefore, so will you. There are a few common myths, like how you need a medical degree to work in this industry that we have demystified in this article. Basically, if you have a desire to serve and good interpersonal and communication skills, there's a position that's perfect for you. MORE

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High-tech and telecom positions are constantly evolving with rapid progressions of software and hardware and other modern technology. Those with an MBA typically work in management, business development, marketing, or product development. This is clearly an industry for people who love this kind of competition and technological development. The rate of promotion is usually very high. Some common misconceptions in the industry are that the industry is currently high-hit and not hiring, or that you have to be an engineer to get a job. We have demystified these myths in this article and provided tips on how to best secure a high-tech or telecom position. MORE

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Internet/New Media

The internet has become a very large part of everyone's lives. So much so that there are many job opportunities available to anyone who has the ambition to work with this medium. Nowadays, anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit can make a living off of using the internet. Motivation and technical knowledge are keys to success. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's easy to get into the business, however. There is a lot of competition, and a lot of research and skill is required before you can successfully take you place in the world of internet. Read on to read the truths about some common myths in this industry. MORE

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34 archived articles
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Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

This column is sponsored by Granted, America’s top job search engine. The Career Resources column is presented by Granted, America's leading job search engine dedicated to getting people jobs.

Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

Pasadena, CA — According to a compilation by Forbes recently, there were 151,352 layoffs at America’s 500 largest public companies in the month of January. MORE

"There are always vacancies. Organizations are born, organizations expand, workers become restless, quit, change jobs, move, become ill long-term, or become handicapped, retire, or die. There are always jobs out there waiting to be filled. The fact that you can't find those jobs only means the vacancy hasn't been advertised, or you're not using the right method to find it. When the Internet or job-postings, or agencies, or ads, or resumes, don't work, there are other ways of turning up the job you want. So, if you're coming up 'empty,' you need to change the search method you've been using. ... To speed up your search for one of the jobs that are out there, go after many different organizations, instead of just one or two."

- Richard N. Bolles
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