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The internet has become a very large part of everyone's lives. So much so that there are many job opportunities available to anyone who has the ambition to work with this medium. Nowadays, anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit can make a living off of using the internet. Motivation and technical knowledge are keys to success. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's easy to get into the business, however. There is a lot of competition, and a lot of research and skill is required before you can successfully take you place in the world of internet. Read on to read the truths about some common myths in this industry.

In the 1990's the Internet was a small portion of our lives, but today it has infiltrated into the mundane trappings of our existence. We buy tickets, plan our travel, shop, research, and communicate with our friends via and World Wide Web. Industry innovations such as wireless technology, internet-enabled cell phones and PDAs, litter the market and will soon allow us to be online more of the time. As companies emerged, industry leaders desired to marry the global network with technology and media to make a large profit. These leaders, however, found they did not have a business model to guide them, and so with little skills but big ideas and dreams for the future, they forged ahead. Unfortunately, many sprinted right into cyberspace oblivion.

Today's Internet market is hard pressed to be able to prove their ability to make a profit, and they need people like you in all aspects of their business to make it happen. You have an entrepreneurial spirit that some of your friends may call wreckless, but they're wrong. You have big dreams, but you coupled them with the real skills and business savvy to make cyberspace your platform to make an impact. Today's market demands that Internet companies become leaner and meaner, and now is the time for your skills and training to pay off. The jobs are definitely out there, you just have to look for them, and at Employment Authority we can help you begin to navigate your future.

Life in the Internet/New Media Technology:
Jobs are forming on a daily basis in numerous companies, but their futures are so precarious that a number of B-school graduates will opt to work for traditional firms. Wooses. You, however, will most likely land a job in marketing, finance or business development, but don't be surprised if you do aspects of all three, considering that a number of dot-coms have a small budget and just need talent to fill those positions. You will work with some of the most motivated and bright people, with the grades and skills to prove it. However, the problem comes in defining roles and rules. If structure was something you desired, you are in the wrong market, but the internet/new media industry offers you the ability to learn all aspects of a business, within a relatively short period of time.

Your experience will differ on a day-to-day basis, mostly due to your job function and rapid promotion schema prevalent in the dot-com culture. Communication and teamwork will be hallmarks of your career, but so will the hours. Though the 20-hour days are becoming less common now, they still occur during crunch time, but on average you will be working 60-70 hour weeks, and not necessarily with the salary to match. While the reported average is $90,000 to $100,000, we have heard figures as low as $40,000 with the promise of future benefits and options. Your pay really depends on your entrepreneurial spirit and outlook, though you can start low, your pay can increase exponentially as your company's profits continue to soar. It's a trade-off most people said, with the benefits of working in the culture and industry that you can define, or you can join the other masses where they conform to a culture and industry they don't necessarily like.


I can get a job in this industry on my own.

Employment Authority

Most companies will receive over 1,400 resumes and cover letters for every one position they publicize, with the advent of online postings, this number has increased. Most dot-coms don't have the resources or desire to spend time at a B-School job fairs. Internet jobs are rarely publicized, except on the company's web site, and there are hundreds of companies out there. Potential employers may not recognize their needs until you show them how you can impact their firm. You can sell them on your skills and abilities, and they will invest in you. Be proactive, and let Employment Authority help. With one of the largest databases in the world, we can help you target the right internet/new media companies for you.



I need to be an E-junkie or E-geek in order to work in this industry.

Employment Authority

This is not necessarily true, although you do need to do your homework if you're not E-literate. Though you may not know everything, you ability and willingness to learn are essential, especially where technological innovations change the face of your playing field. Your skills in knowing how to build a brand, your finance and investing knowledge, your willingness and ability to learn quickly, plus the added bonus of your personality are the reasons why they will hire you.



I can make a real difference in my job.

Employment Authority

While you will have a great deal of autonomy and many opportunities to have input into strategy, so does everyone else at your company. This sometimes causes frenetic movement in different departments. Office politics still abounds and different desires in an environment that promotes autonomy can cause divisions. Stay alert for opportunities, but be aware that this can also be a frustrating industry to work in.


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