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What is Employment Authority?
Employment Authority is a career marketing service that researches employer contacts inside of corporations and other employers in the United States and assists high income executives in initiating targeted mailings to those employers. In addition, Employment Authority redoes the resumes and cover letters of its clients at no charge and insures these are relevant and compelling to the employers who our clients approach seeking employment.

Employment Authority helps executives track down unadvertised job openings in markets all over the world. You can use Employment Authority while using a recruiter and other job search methods to find a job. Our service assists you in finding many of the most competitive jobs available in the market that you will not find on job boards or through recruiters and we believe that recruiters and job boards are a useful adjunct to our service. We are a partner company with EmploymentCrossing and Hound, for example, and provide our clients free access to these job research sites while using our service.

While internal statistics have varied throughout the years, Employment Authority typically assists executives earning well over $100,000 a year and in most cases well beyond this. Our service is for people who are seeking the highest paid positions in the market. We have assisted numerous CEOs, CFOs, sales managers, and other highly paid individuals track down openings during our history. As a member of the EmploymentScape group of companies, we are part of one of the largest career companies in the world with offices throughout the United States, and with hundreds of employees to respond to your needs. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are aware of all jobs in the market and that they do not miss any jobs. We believe that our service is the most effective service in existence for ensuring our clients have the market "covered" in all respects.

Can Employment Authority Help Me?

Employment Authority assists high performance executives and others in tracking down jobs that are not advertised on job boards or available through recruiters. We are a "stop gap" measure that assists our clients in insuring that they have the market covered. We encourage our clients to use recruiters as well as job boards in their search in addition to using Employment Authority. Our service is incredibly effective. Through the years we have seen the substantial majority of our clients get highly paid positions through Employment Authority before they get positions using either recruiters or job boards.
The Executive Job Search Service That Has It All

With career advancement as the goal, Employment Authority assists executives, managers, and professionals. By preparing polished resumes, providing the tools to conduct targeted mailings, as well as giving informed counsel and support, we match our clients' qualifications and career goals to companies that can offer them the jobs they've been looking for. Employment Authority can help you speed up your job search, increase your exposure to decision makers, and give you options and leverage, resources you need to secure the right job.
Free Resume Critique for Executives

Take advantage of our FREE Resume Critique to gain better insight about your marketability. An Employment Advocate will critique your resume with respect to impact and strength of presentation. In addition, we will recommend a resume format and specific features that will best meet your present career search needs.
Search and Buy Contacts Online!
Employment Authority just made it easier for you to find the workplace of your dreams, at the time most convenient for you. You can now customize your job search with a few clicks of the mouse within the comfort and privacy of your home.

Now, purchase your contacts online, on your personal computer, at the time most convenient for you.

  • Access the Employment Authority advantage any time of the day, at the click of a mouse.
  • Sit back, review your search options and set your preferences accurately, at your discretion.
  • Review and revise your search preferences as per your budget.

The new Employment Authority database allows you to search by a wide variety of criteria, including:

  • Geographic location
  • Industries like Insurance, Retail etc.
  • Company size in terms of annual revenue

Simply key in your preferences to have your job search outlined accurately.

Zip Code

Options for Executives
Looking for the perfect executive position?
Our database contains virtually every employer in the country. Simply pick your interests and our research team will do the work. The following links are just a few examples of industries which we study:

   How to Achieve the Executive Position that You Really Want

   Resume Distribution For Your Job Search

   5 Biggest Attorney Job Search Mistakes

   Commercial Banking

   Health Care/Biotechnology


   Internet/New Media

   Investment Banking

   Investment Management

   IT Consulting

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Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

This column is sponsored by Granted, America’s top job search engine. The Career Resources column is presented by Granted, America's leading job search engine dedicated to getting people jobs.

Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

Pasadena, CA — According to a compilation by Forbes recently, there were 151,352 layoffs at America’s 500 largest public companies in the month of January. MORE

"There are always vacancies. Organizations are born, organizations expand, workers become restless, quit, change jobs, move, become ill long-term, or become handicapped, retire, or die. There are always jobs out there waiting to be filled. The fact that you can't find those jobs only means the vacancy hasn't been advertised, or you're not using the right method to find it. When the Internet or job-postings, or agencies, or ads, or resumes, don't work, there are other ways of turning up the job you want. So, if you're coming up 'empty,' you need to change the search method you've been using. ... To speed up your search for one of the jobs that are out there, go after many different organizations, instead of just one or two."

- Richard N. Bolles
  What Color is Your Parachute?

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Only 3 days after the mailing-3 interviews! I graduated a little while ago and I was getting kind of desperate for my first job to finally happen - the anticipation was killing me.
- Ben

I mailed my resumes and I have started to get responses. So far: two calls for interviews (yeah!) Thank you,
- Jennifer S

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