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Resume Distribution For Your Job Search

If you're stuck in the rut of job searching, we know how you can get out. The two major things you need to do are preparing a great resume and cover letter, and getting them sent out to as many employers as possible. You can get your resume to be much more effective by defining your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Follow some of our other great resume writing tips, carefully compare and research employment agencies before you choose to work with them, and you can continue your job search with confidence and land the job you want in no time.

Resume Distribution For Your Job Search
Your resume, after all, is the tool you use to market yourself.
Are you bored with your current job? Caught in a rut? Overworked? Underpaid? In other words, are you suffering from a severe bout of the job-time blues?

The way out is obvious, isn’t it? You must begin a fierce (and private) search for a new employer! The big question is: how?

All you have to do is read on… We’ll tell you how!

Common sense tells you that you’ll have to pitch yourself headlong at every potential job provider in your areas of competence and interest. Trouble is, most employers are amorphous corporations, so precisely to whom should you write? And where in all of heaven will you find this long list of names, designations, and email addresses? Even if you’ve worked out a smattering of names you’ll probably flounder at the next step: the application. Should you send out the same application to each? How long should your application be anyway? What tone will work best — being a supplicant or being aggressive?

You find yourself gnashing your teeth in front of a stone wall, don’t you? And you definitely feel more dejected than ever before! Clearly you must find someone to hold your hand and walk you through the complicated job-seeking process.

At Employment Authority, we’re here to do precisely that!

Your very first steps are to write your resume properly and then to ensure accurate resume distribution to those who might employ you. You know full well by now that neither resume writing nor resume distribution is an amateur’s task. Your resume, after all, is the tool you use to market yourself. To market yourself effectively, you must have a resume that defines and states your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which is what establishes you (that is, the product) as being better than any other in the market for potential employers to consider. A strong, credible USP gives you a higher ''brand recall value'' to help you get a foot in the door so that you get picked for an interview over dozens or even hundreds of competing applicants. The unusually tricky part of this game lies in tackling the reality that none of these employers know who you are and, similarly, neither do you know them.

You don’t have a USP, you say? Don’t make the mistake of underestimating yourself. Sign up with Employment Authority and work hand in hand with our experts to rediscover your strengths and identify your USP! With your focused resume and USP in its hands, Employment Authority ensures super fast resume distribution to hundreds of potential employers carefully chosen just for you from its bank of thousands of corporations listed by industry, location, size, and other parameters.

The key to beating out the opposition and getting picked for that elusive interview lies in reaching the right audience with a good resume. While Employment Authority promises the former with its skilled resume distribution services, here are some handy tips on how you can write a ''good'' resume:

1. Your resume need not be chronological. Chances are your employment history is riddled with holes that will be easily spotted in a chronological format. Instead, try two formats which conceal shortcomings well: functional and combination. A functional resume lists skill categories and accomplishments over dates. A combination resume merges the chronological and functional styles by presenting your knowledge and abilities gained from work experience in reverse chronological order. The stress on your skills, knowledge, abilities, and accomplishments will, for instance, override or hide a possible gap in your employment history.

2. Detail how you stand out from the crowd, even if the plus points you are able to talk about seem trivial. Do you speak another language? Can you troubleshoot a faulty computer? Do you have the ability to calm troubled tempers and smooth ruffled feathers? These are all assets and should be listed as such. Don’t underestimate your talents. They all add up. If you want to be called in for an interview your resume has to stand out.

3. A ''good'' resume must follow a ''good'' cover letter. The latter should be brief — never more than one page — and addressed to a person, not to ''Gentlemen'' and never ''To Whom it May Concern.'' Push your USP and prod your future employer into asking ''Why should I hire this person?'' To find the answer, he or she will scroll down and read your resume! With this, you’ve achieved your first objective.

4. The last bit of the cover letter should be proactive — express your confidence that you are a perfect fit for the job and request action! If it’s a good cover letter accompanying a good resume, chances are he or she will act — in your favor!

5. Employment Authority experts advise that it’s no trouble for you to send another cover letter and resume as follow up. You might get noticed the second time around. Mathematically, of course, it doubles your chances of scoring an interview!

6. To top it all off, always proofread your cover letter and resume and satisfy yourself that they are both dynamic pieces of communication.

Remember, it’s no good sending your dynamic cover letter and resume to only one or two employers. With Employment Authority’s top-rated resume distribution facility, this problem disappears because they are geared to send your resume to all likely employers in your industry!

It is important that you choose your resume distribution partner well. Don’t get trapped by fly-by-nighters who make promises but don’t deliver. Check rates, services, database sizes, and contract terms and conditions. Compare thoroughly and even double check the fine print of competing contracts to identify loopholes. Verify reputations with independent agencies like the Better Business Bureau. Educate yourself, by any means, on how Employment Authority inevitably tops every chart!

Employment Authority guarantees that it will provide you with the most thorough and comprehensive resume distribution and job search services in the country. With them you can reach virtually every potential employer in any given market. If you aren’t convinced they’ve done a good job for you, just ask for your money back. You’ll get 100% back, less $150. That’s rock-solid confidence for you!

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