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Employment Authority assists high performance executives and others in tracking down jobs that are not advertised on job boards or available through recruiters. We are a "stop gap" measure that assists our clients in insuring that they have the market covered. We encourage our clients to use recruiters as well as job boards in their search in addition to using Employment Authority. Our service is incredibly effective. Through the years we have seen the substantial majority of our clients get highly paid positions through Employment Authority before they get positions using either recruiters or job boards.

In recent years, the race for the highest paying jobs has gotten increasingly competitive. In addition to not being filled by recruiters, these jobs are also not advertised on job boards or employer websites. In order to find these jobs, Employment Authority is an extremely useful adjunct. We enable executives to ensure they have the market "covered" that they are seeking to work in. By "covered" we mean that the executives have literally applied to every conceivable employer they could potentially work for in the market.

Our service has tremendous value because we assist our clients in applying to every conceivable employer in the market they are interested in. The benefit of this is that we can assist our clients in increasing their income, getting interviews with more employers and staying in the geographic location of their choice instead of moving, or worse still, being unemployed. Some of the people who use our service regularly are:

  • C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs. In the field where you are earning well into six figures, it is important to ensure that you have the market covered in all respects. We have found that a disproportionate number of our clients are current entrepreneurs and high level business executives who are supplementing working with recruiters and job boards with using our service. Our service is an incredible and life changing way for our clients to track down openings in the market.

  • Engineers, Accountants, Consultants, Doctors, Lawyers and Other Professionals. An incredible number of professionals use our service to track down jobs. For professionals, Employment Authority is in our opinion more effective that even other classes of people using the service. Lawyers, accountants and doctors, for example, most often bill by the hour (or patient) and when an employer sees one of their resumes they are much more likely to bring them in, than they might be the average resume, because they are not cost centers. For example, if a law firm has a lot of work it can hire more lawyers and bill them out at more money than they are paying them. We have been serving hundreds of lawyers per week since we first started working with lawyers in 2001, for example.

  • Sales People and Sales Managers. Talented sales people and sales managers are always in demand. Employers know that an outstanding sales person or sales manager is never a "cost center" and can come in and immediately contribute to top line growth. At Employment Authority we started out servicing sales people and continue to do so. The results that sales people get using our service can be exceptional. We have seen instances where a sales person doubled or tripled their base salary using our service. In one case we saw one sales person move between a client relations job between two major networks and go from a salary in one network of less than $40,000 a year to over $250,000 in the new network. These are the sort of results that while rare, do happen when people use Employment Authority more than you would expect.

  • Financial Industry Executives. Given the fluidity of the financial industry, we have seen numerous financial executives use our service recently. There are tens of thousands of employers in the United States alone whom financial industry executives can approach in their searches and we assist employers in finding and tracking down these employers. In addition, given the sophistication of the financial markets, many of our clients have been in extremely "niche" disciplines involving hedge funds and other sorts of financial instruments. The testimonials we have received from our clients have frequently "raved" about the fact that they found an ideal employer that they did not even know did a certain type of trading or dealt in the sort of financial product our client had experience with. Employment Authority has enabled people in the financial industry to continue having productive and exciting careers after using our service-even in the toughest of all markets.

  • Executives and Professionals Relocating to the United States. On a daily basis we assist executives and other professionals (including doctors, engineers, and others) prepare targeted mailings in order to relocate to the United States. Given the fact that an increasing number of American employers are happy to sponsor employees from foreign countries, using Employment Authority is one of the most effective ways to get a position. Relocating to the United States can often be easily accomplished when the correct employers are approached. At Employment Authority we are experts in assisting people relocating to the United States to track down jobs.

  • Recent Graduates Looking for Their First Job. We believe there is no better way-period-for a recent graduate to the first job than by using our service. We assist recent graduates in reaching a huge demographic of employers and make it simple for them to do so. Very few recent graduates who have followed our recommendations and used our service have not gotten several jobs using Employment Authority. Almost all companies have a consistent supply of entry level jobs and these are traditionally filled informally and not through job boards. In addition, companies almost never use recruiters to fill entry level jobs (in fact, we have never heard of them doing so). Given its ability to assist recent graduates approach every employer in a given geographic area, we do not believe there is a more effective way for a recent graduate to find a position.

  • People Looking for Part-Time Work. One of the largest increases in people using our service recently has been people seeking part-time jobs. Often the person seeking a part-time job is a mother who is interested in working only a few days a week, or in some cases someone who is retired but highly skilled and seeking a job. Given the fact that most employers do not advertise part-time jobs, and recruiters also do not seek out people for part-time work, Employment Authority is an incredibly effective way to track down these openings. Most of the time there are no openings in companies and other organizations for people to work part time; instead, when a company or other organization sees the resume of someone seeking to work part-time, they consider it in light of whether or not they believe employing you can be profitable. People working part time can often be enormously profitable for companies because they do not have to pay you a full-time salary and benefit from your expertise while you are there.

  • Consultants Looking for Projects. We have seen a number of consultants simply seeking consulting work using our service to track down various long-term and short term projects. We should caution that we are not experts at Employment Authority in putting together consulting proposals; however, we can expertly revise consultant resumes and assist you in doing large scale mailings to companies targeted to a consultant's given specialty. Many of the consultants who have used our service come back months later to use the service to seek even more work. This to us is proof that using Employment Authority is a very good way for consultants to track down consulting work.

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Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

This column is sponsored by Granted, America’s top job search engine. The Career Resources column is presented by Granted, America's leading job search engine dedicated to getting people jobs.

Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

Pasadena, CA — According to a compilation by Forbes recently, there were 151,352 layoffs at America’s 500 largest public companies in the month of January. MORE

"There are always vacancies. Organizations are born, organizations expand, workers become restless, quit, change jobs, move, become ill long-term, or become handicapped, retire, or die. There are always jobs out there waiting to be filled. The fact that you can't find those jobs only means the vacancy hasn't been advertised, or you're not using the right method to find it. When the Internet or job-postings, or agencies, or ads, or resumes, don't work, there are other ways of turning up the job you want. So, if you're coming up 'empty,' you need to change the search method you've been using. ... To speed up your search for one of the jobs that are out there, go after many different organizations, instead of just one or two."

- Richard N. Bolles
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