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5 Biggest Attorney Job Search Mistakes

With a fluctuating economy, the job search is becoming more difficult and competitive. In order to understand the dos and donts of job searching, there are a few misconceptions you must avoid and important tips you should know. We suggest that you expand your options by making yourself available to more employers, take the time to prepare the application materials you mail, conduct precision marketing based on understanding and experience, dare to make yourself vulnerable to rejection, and realize that most private companies are in business to make money. By understanding these principles you will have a better knowledge of the inner workings of the employment world.

With a fluctuating economy upon us, job searching has become more difficult and competitive than ever before. It is important that those entering the job-search world are well-equipped with the knowledge to market themselves. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions out there regarding the best way to approach this topic. Fortunately, Employment Authority wants our clients to understand the dos and donts associated with job searching, as well as the best ways to market themselves.

Conducting an improper job search can have all sorts of negative repercussions that stretch way beyond making a simple mistake. If you conduct an ineffective job search:
  • you may not find a position at all,
  • you may end up in a position you are not happy with,
  • you may be forced to relocate geographically to a place you do not want to live just to work,
  • you may be forced to work in an area you do not enjoy,
  • you may find yourself in a company with no potential for advancement,
  • you may make much less money that you should be making.
The following are five of the top job-search mistakes most professionals make when looking for a position. Please note that this list is by no means comprehensive. Employment Authority was developed in response to most of these mistakes, and for our clients, all but eliminates them.

1. Most Job Seekers Do Not Give Themselves Enough Options When Searching for a Position-
Depending on the employment arena you are searching in, there are so many companies and corporations looking to hire that it would boggle your mind—there are thousands. These include companies and businesses of all sizes. Continuously, these organizations are growing, while others are shrinking. Some have no idea how to recruit to fill their open positions, and some are just waiting for the right person to come along.

At all points in time, most of these employers are actively interviewing people—or would be if the right person came along. Think about it this way, if you are happily single and were going around telling everyone you loved being single, and all of a sudden George Clooney or Claudia Schiffer wrote you a letter and announced they were interested in having a relationship with you, what would you do? Furthermore, since attractiveness is all relative, we are all attracted to different kinds of people—and everyone's buttons can be pushed by the right person. So, to be clear, many hiring organizations are always hiring. This bears repeating: If the right person comes along, the organization will interview them, and if it makes sense, will hire them.

The fact that the right employer for you might simply be the one that posted a job on a job-site is insane. The same thing goes for newspaper ads and so forth. Some people hang around waiting for the best job to appear on one of these sorts of sources for years.

If there are 1,000 businesses in a given county, the chances are something like the following at any point in time:
  • 20-30 of these companies are looking and may have posted their jobs on one of numerous job boards or newspapers. If you do not go to a job consolidation/aggregation website, you will probably have to visit 25+ different places to find these jobs.

  • 25-100 of these companies are interviewing people informally (referred through other employees in the company, for example) but are not advertising for people.

  • 100-300 of these companies have unarticulated needs that they would hire for if the right person came along. Nevertheless, because the company is busy, no one has gotten around to posting an ad or doing any recruiting for these positions.

  • Approximately 5-20 of these companies may have told recruiters about various positions and are using them to assist in the hiring process. They may have been looking for someone for months.

  • Probably 100-200 of these companies have one or more employees they would like to "phase out" if they hired someone better in the future. The problem is these companies are not actively recruiting; however, if the right candidate came along, they might hire.
Depending upon how you look at these statistics, somewhere around 25% to 50% of companies and hiring organizations are hiring at one time—but we would estimate the percentage is actually much higher. However, due to the fact that you could only find out about 2-5% of these positions if you really did your homework by perusing classified ads, and so forth, there is a problem for most job seekers.

The result of contacting all of the employers whose profiles are such that you might work there in a given city is ridiculously profound. When you do this, you can make contact with the 25-50% of employers who are actually interested in interviewing people at any one time. None of this is to say you will get this sort of response rate (you will not). However, we believe that this is likely to be as much as 10 times more effective than other job search methods on their own. We risk credibility making such a profound statement; nevertheless, this has proven the case for thousands and thousands of Employment Authority clients. Many of our clients tried other job search methods for years before trying us and were absolutely blown away by the results. We receive testimonials to this effect nearly every day.

There is nothing scientific about what Employment Authority is doing, nor is it a "breakthrough" concept. We are merely allowing our clients to utilize our resources to insure they are able to conduct a thorough job search. Being thorough makes all the difference in the world, and fortunately for our clients, most other job seekers are not thorough.

Other job search methods simply pale in comparison to Employment Authority because the market out there is huge. Additionally, the number of people who use a service like Employment Authority is small compared to the number of positions available in the market.

This is where Employment Authority comes in. We give professionals and students access to this other large percentage of the market. The majority of clients of Employment Authority who use our service are amazed at the results they get when they tap into this hidden market—and you will be too. Let Employment Authority get you in touch with this market today—your life may never be the same.

2. Most Job Seekers Do Not Take the Time to Prepare Professional Application Materials for Mailing-
Many people seeking a job may simply email a resume to an employer with a few short words saying that they want to be considered. This is hard to believe. When an employer is evaluating your application, they are judging how attentive you are to details and how well you write. They are examining the formatting of your resume, how you use language, and how many words you use to say one thing or another. Many attorneys simply approach this in a relaxed manner. This is unfortunate because companies hire professionals because of their ability to craft words and pay attention to small details.

When someone emails an application to an employer they are a just another number. Because everyone emails their resumes these days, it is very possible that your resume will be deleted from an inbox. It can also be considered very impersonal. In contrast, people love to get postal mail. How excited are you to open your mail each day? Mail that is customized for a particular person, personally signed, contains a stamp, and is all carefully assembled makes a far different impression than an email.

At Employment Authority we have prepared thousands and thousands of resumes for professionals and students. The people who work for us were all trained by high-level executives with credentials like graduating from did things like went to top 10 law schools or graduate schools, and worked for prestigious companies. The result is that people will approach your resume and cover letter with a high degree of precision, and expertise. The people creating your resume and cover letter also know what to say and how to market our clients. This makes a huge difference to you as a job seeker—no matter what level of education or experience you have.

3. Most Job Seekers Do Not Conduct Precision Marketing Based on Understanding and Experience-
When you sign up for Employment Authority, you will be speaking with an employment advocate about your job search. The employment advocate you are speaking with has experienced the challenge of job searching for themselves so they understand your needs. But most importantly, they have also been trained on how to assist others in marketing themselves and narrowing down the search demographic of where they would like to work. The one-hour phone conversation you have with your employment advocate will benefit you in your search.

This conversation is beneficial because most people searching for jobs do not have any idea about how to strategically market themselves. For example, many professionals come out of school with a desire to work in a certain field and often that particular field is simply not in demand at the time. If you are putting all your eggs in a one basket like this, you may run into trouble.

Based on all of the people we speak with and our understanding of what types of positions are out there, we can help you market yourself through your application materials to increase your odds of finding a great job. This is not an easy thing to do and something one can only do as a result of a lot of experience. In fact, we believe we are better at this than anyone.

We have a high success rate, and many repeat clients. In fact, over 60% of our clients are people who come back to us after having successfully used our services in the past. People come back to us because what we do works, and we depend on you coming back—and we predict you will if you are ever looking for another position again after using Employment Authority.

4. Most Job Seekers Are Afraid to Make Themselves Vulnerable-
When you are applying for positions, you are making yourself vulnerable — vulnerable to rejection. Many seasoned professionals are especially afraid of being rejected. They believe they cannot apply to an organization that is going to reject them. Accordingly, they only try working with a few organizations by approaching a few people they already know. They may settle for the best they can get, or they may simply stay employed in a position they do not enjoy. Unfortunately, this process and cycle repeats itself all over the United States each day.

When you let go of fear and make yourself vulnerable, great things begin to happen. There are so many potential places you can work. Yes, no matter who you are, some of these organizations are going to reject you. No doubt about that. But by making yourself vulnerable, you are keeping your options open, therefore, opening yourself up to a whole world of opportunity that never before was accessible. You may find the perfect environment and people you enjoy working with. You may find a higher paying position. You may find a position in field of your dreams. And you may find a position that gives you the opportunity to run a company, and travel and see the world.

So much is possible with Employment Authority. Every single day we receive testimonials from clients whose lives we have helped to change. Every single day, tons of professionals have life-changing experiences through our site!

While our services help so many, some are nervous about the costs involved. Employment Authority was started by a law professor as a nonprofit organization and actually used to be free (you had to bring your own paper) and was a cooperative where students and attorneys built the database, while the professor edited their resumes and cover letters. As this organization and word spread, we had to charge money to continue to provide this service. After all, no institution can survive on passion and good intentions alone.

Our service does cost money, but it is a remarkable bargain for the extent of the service we do. As a client of Employment Authority, you will work directly with your own personal employment advocate to identify your marketing strategy. Additionally, we will help you improve your resume and cover letter as well as have our staff continually work to research your ideal work demographic. This includes a huge staff maintaining our database to keep our database current. And unlike many other companies in our business, we stand behind our data and are a division of a 200+ employee company with a massive research staff that operates only in this field. We also print your materials and make sure they are perfectly formatted and printed error free; and, then we ship the materials to you. We then proceed to follow up to insure you are pleased with our service because we guarantee our service. With all of these incredible benefits, why not SIGN UP NOW?!

5. Most Job Seekers Do Not Realize that Most Private Companies are in Business to Make Money-
Every single business, corporation and other private organization (with very few exceptions) are in business to make money. This statement is a lot more complex than it sounds, so we will explore it in further detail.

First, all of the decisions to bring new hires aboard are made strictly for business reasons. The person who reviews applicants' resumes have to consider how they can increase the money their company earns by bringing in candidates.

Secondly, all decisions to bring in a given person are made based of the fact that the person was simply there at the right time—many employers are likely not to have even had openings. In addition, all of these analyses were made on the basis of unique aspects of the given person's background that not one of them probably thought would be such an important determinant when applying for the position.

A discussion about how selecting for positions is important to running a business could continue for some time. The more you can communicate to a potential employer that hiring you will assist them with the all-important task of making money, the better chance you have of getting hired. In the making-money calculus, it is all about what sort of result you can get the potential employer in this particular realm.

When you are marketing yourself to potential employers, it is important to never forget that you are a commodity. People who experience failure in job searches a lot of the time are approaching the job search with the attitude that it is about them and them only. No! Your job search is about how much you can financially enrich a given employer and how much you can contribute. This fact is so important to understand, and if you understand it—realize you are selling a commodity every time you interview, you will be far, far more effective in any job search.

Employment Authority is the most effective method to search for a job because it is based on the principle that you have something to sell to employers, aka "buyers." It is also based on the premise that you never know why someone is going to purchase something. Why did you choose the color you did for your last car? Why did you choose the pair of shoes you are wearing? How many other pairs and styles of shoes were out there competing for your money when you purchased the shoes that you did? Every purchase is unique, and by putting yourself in front of "buyers", you stand a far better chance of being purchased. How can someone purchase your services if they do not even know you are there?

Employment Authority helps our clients stand out. There are numerous reasons why Employment Authority works, the most important reason is related to our ability to help our clients market themselves to potential employers.

Employment Authority is absolutely the best way to get a job. We invite you to try our services. We know you are going to like what we do, and we hope that you too find more satisfaction and a better life as others also have through our company. **SIGN UP NOW!

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