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Once you fill out our Sign Up Form, we will contact you to set up an appointment to talk to you about your job search. Employment Authority is committed to helping the busy executive with his or her job search, and we want your resume and cover letter to be stellar, whether or not you use our services.

A Small Investment in Your Future
Employment Authority is your personal full-services marketing partner, dedicated exclusively to your job search. We create a thoroughly researched and comprehensively executed marketing plan to help secure the life-changing career move you seek.

Searching for the best position on your own can be overwhelming. Even if you are successful in your search on your own, can you be certain that you reached every opportunity available? Was there a better offer, a better match for your goals that may have eluded you? The more organizations you reach, the more choices you will have.

We help you reach more real opportunities than any other resource available. We take your job search from start to finish and deliver the best comprehensive, custom-designed career marketing program available.

Resume Critique and Market Evaluation
Simply fill out our sign-up form, and we will schedule an appointment to speak with you at a time of your choosing. We will interview you in depth over the phone to determine exactly what type of position you are seeking. We will critique your current resume and provide you with suggestions for how to improve its impact and effectiveness. We will also provide a market evaluation for your practice area and location and discuss your overall marketability as a candidate. This initial critique and market evaluation is absolutely free, and there is no obligation to continue. We are committed to helping you find a job whether or not you decide to use our full services.


Membership Fee
At Employment Authority, you're not just a customer, you're a member. Our one-time, nonrefundable membership fee represents our commitment to help you throughout your career. From the time you become a member until the day you retire, you will have unlimited access to your employment advocate. He or she will be available to advise you on all your future job searches, as well as interviews and job offers — even if you did not use our service to secure them.

Your membership also includes the strategic planning of all the targeted-mail campaigns that you choose to undertake with us. When you become a member of Employment Authority, you are entitled to unlimited database searches throughout your career.

Free Service from Preferred Resumes
Perhaps the best part of your membership is the resume and cover letter service we provide...for free! As a Employment Authority member, you will have the free services of Preferred Resumes for two years. Preferred Resumes's writers are professional experts who are experts in writing powerful and effective resumes and cover letters that will get you a first interview. We are proud of our partnership with Preferred Resumes, and you'll be satisfied with their services ... guaranteed. Your resume and cover letter are not complete until you are 100% satisfied with them. Preferred Resumes charges upwards of $400 for their services, and we will give you these services ABSOLUTELY FREE upon your paid membership to Employment Authority.

In addition, being a member means you'll get regular updates from us about the state of the market, job search tips, news, as well as career advice.

All Employment Authority members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free resume and cover letter writing and revision(s) by Preferred Resumes for two years. They are experts in writing powerful and effective resumes and cover letters that will get you a first interview.
  • Continuing career consultation with an Employment Advocate.
  • Comprehensive targeted-mailing strategy and design.
  • Unlimited database searches as part of your career consultations.
  • Pre- and post-interview counseling.
  • Campaign response tracking.
  • Regular, helpful updates.


Per Employer Charge
Headhunters can charge employers $25,000 or more for introducing you to certain corporations. and other job posting sites can charge over $400.00 for a single classified listing! While most larger corporations are willing to pay this fee, the fact is that not all companies can continue to afford these fees. Not to mention the costs of getting the word out about jobs, many employers simply wait for a suitable candidate to appear. In addition, your time is valuable. You could try and apply to all the companies in a given city matching your interests; however, it could take you weeks, not to mention the costs of paper, printing and trying to do all this while holding down a full-time job. Considering that most jobs will pay you more in a day or so of work than we charge, it should be clear that our service is a tremendous bargain.

The Per Employer Charge covers the work we do to write and polish your custom resume and cover letter. It covers the hours that our staff spends going over these documents to ensure that they will make the maximum impact with any potential employer. It also covers the task of going through your data line by line, ensuring that the employer addresses and contact information that we provide you with is current. And it also covers any corrections that we gladly make to this data if an employer has moved, dissolved, or merged.

The Per Employer Charge then covers the production cost for each firm and organization for which we prepare your resume, cover letter, and corresponding envelope for targeted mailing. Charges are dependent on the scope of your campaign and decrease with greater volume and cover the printing and packaging charges for your completed product. You may request additional contacts at any time.

The Per Employer Charge includes

  • An identification of targeted hiring organizations and research into the hiring contacts within each organization
  • A custom resume and cover letter prepared especially for you
  • A line-by-line analysis of your search data to ensure that you get the best mailing we can offer
  • Production and printing of a complete marketing package, including resumes, envelopes, and cover letters on high-quality cotton bond paper
  • End-to-end package distribution and monitoring
  • A list of the specific individuals and their phone numbers inside of each hiring organization you are contacting for follow-up
  • Corrections for any returned mail you may receive

Number of Contacts < 150 151-300 301-500 501+
Price per Contact $2.95 $2.65 $2.25 $1.95

*Plus shipping and handling

We ship your completed letters to you for your signature, postage, and local postmark. Mailing should originate from your home location.

Alternatively, if you are unable to sign, stamp, and mail your documents, or if you prefer to have us provide this service for you (as many of our international clients do) we can add a charge of $1.25 per contact for this service.

Sign up for a "Free, No Obligation Resume Critique" and "Free Market Evaluation". Let us tell you how much potential you have!


Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

This column is sponsored by Granted, America’s top job search engine. The Career Resources column is presented by Granted, America's leading job search engine dedicated to getting people jobs.

Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

Pasadena, CA — According to a compilation by Forbes recently, there were 151,352 layoffs at America’s 500 largest public companies in the month of January. MORE

"There are always vacancies. Organizations are born, organizations expand, workers become restless, quit, change jobs, move, become ill long-term, or become handicapped, retire, or die. There are always jobs out there waiting to be filled. The fact that you can't find those jobs only means the vacancy hasn't been advertised, or you're not using the right method to find it. When the Internet or job-postings, or agencies, or ads, or resumes, don't work, there are other ways of turning up the job you want. So, if you're coming up 'empty,' you need to change the search method you've been using. ... To speed up your search for one of the jobs that are out there, go after many different organizations, instead of just one or two."

- Richard N. Bolles
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