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Employment Authority Provides a Non-Traditional Approach toward Executive Job Search

Pasadena, CA — Most executive-level professionals believe that it is extremely difficult to land a high-paying job in this downturn. Employment Authority, on the other hand, reports that contacting employers directly is the best way to get a job in the current times. The company, initiated by Harrison Barnes, is a career marketing service that researches employer contacts inside of top corporations and other employers and assists high-income executives in initiating targeted mailings to those employers.

"With career advancement as the goal, Employment Authority assists executives, managers, and professionals alike," says Harrison Barnes. "By preparing polished resumes, providing the tools to conduct targeted mailings, as well as giving informed counsel and support, we match our clients' qualifications and career goals to companies that can offer them the jobs they've been looking for."

The job market has been subjected to quite a many swings this year, with dismal job reports and continuous layoffs. According to Bob Gerber, the author of An Easier Way to Change Jobs, "Job hunting success depends 70% on marketing and interviews and 30% on background and ability." This translates into: (1) knowing where to direct one's mailing, (2) mailing sufficient volume to achieve desired results, and (3) having a really good cover letter and resume.

Using what is likely the world's most sophisticated database of employers, Employment Authority penetrates markets, enhances business professionals' lives, and gives job seekers the exposure to employers that they need.

While internal statistics have varied throughout the years, Employment Authority typically assists executives earning well over $100,000 a year and in most cases well beyond this. Employment Authority is for people who are seeking the highest paid positions in the market. The company has assisted numerous CEOs, CFOs, sales managers, and other highly paid individuals track down openings during their history.

As a member of the EmploymentScape group of companies, Employment Authority is part of one of the largest career companies in the world with offices throughout the United States, and with hundreds of employees to respond to the job seekers' needs. The goal of the company is to ensure that its clients are aware of all jobs in the market and that they do not miss out on any jobs.

Barnes adds, "We believe that our service is the most effective service in existence for ensuring our clients have the market "covered" in all respects. Our service assists job seekers in finding many of the most competitive jobs available in the market that they will not find on job boards or through recruiters and we believe that recruiters and job boards are a useful adjunct to our service."

In addition to offering other services, Employment Authority revamps the resumes and cover letters of its clients at no charge and insures these are relevant and compelling to the employers who their clients approach seeking employment.

"We help job seekers reach more real opportunities than any other resource available. We take our clients' job search from start to finish and deliver the best, most comprehensive, custom-designed career marketing program available."

For more details about Employment Authority, visit www.employmentauthority.com.

Mary Wilson, Editorial Coordinator
Employment Authority

About Employment Authority
Employment Authority is a targeted mailing resume distribution service for job seekers to search for jobs proactively and apply to unadvertised and "hidden" job listings. The company was formed by Harrison Barnes in 2002, and is a part of the EmploymentScape group of companies, which is dedicated to serve professionals in their respective careers.

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Article Title:  Employment Authority Provides a Non-Traditional Approach toward Executive Job Search

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Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

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Forbes Reports 151,352 Layoffs for January Itself; Employment Authority Proposes Alternative Job Search Approach

Pasadena, CA — According to a compilation by Forbes recently, there were 151,352 layoffs at America’s 500 largest public companies in the month of January. MORE

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